We know parents want the very best for their children even at the most difficult times, but the stronger their conflict and the longer the conflict the greater the effects on the children. We are committed to reducing children’s exposure to conflict by helping parents reduce tensions and discord, moving forward to a more peaceful future where they love their children more than they are angry with each other.

We help OPEN DOORS for parents and children:

  • Is the door still open for you to talk about concerns regarding your children, prioritizing your children over your disappointment with the other parent?
  • Have you identified problems that you both can’t fix?

How can Mediation help?

  • Does it feel like the door is closing to your communication with the other parent?
  • Does it sometimes even seem easier to avoid the other parent? 

How can Parenting Facilitation help?

  • Have the lines of communication closed?
  • Does it feel like the door is shut when it comes to working with the other parent? 

How can Parenting Coordination help?

  • Are you ready to open the door to a collaborative process where you are committed to working with your co-parent in a cooperatively?
  • Wouldn’t it be better to work jointly with specially trained professionals, who form a team to help you through the court process without adversarial actions? 

How can a Collaborative Law Neutral help?

Family Mediation

Mediation is a process that helps to open the lines of communication, identify issues, prioritize your goals, explore options and problem solve to reach the most agreeable solutions. The Mediator knows that families are best able to implement agreements that they create together. The Mediator remains neutral, does not act as a judge and will not give legal advice or make decisions about the dispute. The Mediator is the guide to a fair process to reach a voluntary and constructive agreement that resolves issues in a collaborative, consensual and informed manner.


Parenting Facilitation

Parenting facilitation is a non-confidential, voluntary child-centered process to keep children free from family conflict. The Parenting Facilitator can help parents going through difficult transitions to co-parent, build a productive communication process, clarify time-sharing, develop a parenting plan, and implement court orders. The Parenting Facilitator may see one parent individually or both parents jointly, and even the children, depending on the unique needs of the family. Using an educative approach, the Parenting Facilitator helps parents save time and resources by working jointly to make better informed child-related decisions without the need for court actions. With focus on the children rather than anger toward each other, the door is open to address current and potential issues to secure a healthier future for all.


Parenting Coordination (court ordered)

Parenting Coordination can help you address issues even when it might feel like you are facing a brick wall. Parenting coordination is a child-focused, court ordered process to help you break down those barriers to communication and collaborate in the best way to raise your children. The Parenting Coordinator can help create and implement your parenting plan, provide education and make recommendations so you can make informed decisions together and, with your consent within the scope of the court order, make limited child-related decisions that avoid delays and further court proceedings. The Parenting Coordinator is most often appointed by the court for a two-year term to remain available as a resource through the children’s transitions during that time. Services are applicable when court ordered for situations involving a vulnerable adult.


Collaborative Law Neutral

In a Collaborative Law process a neutral facilitator guides the interdisciplinary team, including two attorneys and one neutral financial professional, to help you reach agreements respectfully, without opening your private lives through unnecessary court involvement. Court costs are likely to be less when everyone is cooperating, no matter how complicated the situation. However, if either party wishes to terminate participation at any time, it requires the hiring of new attorneys if litigation is desired.