Working jointly with family members regarding the care of a loved one may be difficult when there are great distances, family feuds or personal agendas in the way. Modern and diverse family situations may further increase stressors and anxiety. Opening the doors to constructive communication increases possibilities for loved ones, dignifying their status and providing support between family members. Family Resolutions helps family members identify the goals they have in common and provide the skills and resources needed to find solutions and reach mutual agreements.

We help OPEN DOORS for elders and vulnerable adults and their families:

  • Although there are some things you just don’t agree upon, is the door still open to communicating with your loved one and among family members?
  • Do you collaborate to make sure that care and treatment are provided regularly, that meals are easily available, and that the elder feels cared for and safe?

How can Elder Mediation and Shared Family Decision-Making help?

  • Does it seem like old family memories have come back to haunt you rather than console you?
  • Do you feel shut out, like the door is closed when it comes to your ideas and suggestions about the care and treatment of your loved one?

How can Elder Care Facilitation help?

  • Is the door open to a process to help you address non-legal issues regarding the care and safety of an elder?
  • Are others willing to join you with the elder as a collaborative team focused on building the communication process, providing necessary education to make informed decisions, implementing court orders and obtaining available resources?

How can Eldercaring Coordination help?

When conflict is resolved collaboratively, family members leave future generations the gift of peace.

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Elder Mediation and Shared Family Decision-Making

The process of Elder Mediation and Shared Family Decision-Making facilitates communication to explore the best options available to respond the elder’s needs and others’ concerns. The Mediator helps to keep the elder’s voice at the center of discussions and personal agendas at bay, to help families move beyond conflict toward peaceful resolutions that dignify the status of the elder. This process may also be suitable to address concerns regarding a vulnerable adult.


Elder Care Facilitation

An Elder Care Facilitator can help you open the door to more effective communication to better address the changing needs as the elder ages. Services do not require a court order and are best initiated early on, when conflict first seems to get in the way of the best care of the elder. An Elder Care Facilitator can assist you in developing a care plan that guides you through the process of informed decision-making, based on reliable information and respectful collaborations. Once conflict is addressed, the family can become a support system for the elder and become a peaceful legacy to guide generations in the future, perhaps even their own.


Eldercaring Coordination (court ordered)

Eldercaring Coordination is a court ordered dispute resolution option for high conflict situations when there is concern regarding the care and safety of an elder. The Eldercaring Coordinator customizes the process for each family with focus on the elder’s needs, facilitating communication, negotiation and problem-solving skills, effectuating informed decisions, implementing court orders and coordinating available resources. Eldercaring Coordination concentrates on reducing the level of conflict so family members can build a sustainable support system, focusing productively on the elder as well as each other through the difficult transitions ahead.