Family Resolutions, LLC

Family Resolutions, LLC, was created by Linda Fieldstone, M.Ed. to provide you with the opportunity to resolve issues early on, before conflict increases to the point that litigation appears to be the only option, as well as during and after court processes.


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Helping families prevent, manage and resolve conflict at all stages of life.


Building a Stronger Tomorrow through Supportive Family Legacies


Our values reflect the peace we strive to bring to every family through solutions that are practical, satisfying and enduring.

We are committed to providing:

PPersonalized service with conflict resolution options tailored to each individual and unique family situation.

EEducation leading to creative options, research based solutions and informed decision-making.

AAccountability, open communication and ethical behavior that builds trust.

CCollaborative partnerships and resources that inspire integrity, cooperation and mutual support.  

EEquitable family resolutions that respect the needs and values of each family member.

Resolutions that respect our value in each other become a legacy of peace that can continue for generations.